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3rd Level Course - Hairstyle & Portfolio

Course available in Italian and English.


This is the second specialization package consisting of two modules: 

the first is Hairstyle that can also be taken after the Level I certificate, 

the second is Portfolio Development which involves 3 days an actual photo shoot and can only be taken after completing Level I, Level II and Hairstyle. 


Hairstyle is essential today: 

Have you noticed the make-up and hair look of the models? 

It is often created entirely by the make-up artist who is also a Hairstylist. 

Hairstyle is today fundamental for a make-up artist who wants to work fully in the professional world. 

Techniques for creating different styles: 

During the Hairstyling course, we will teach you the techniques that will allow you to push your limits and achieve maximum hair styles. 

In this course at MUD - Make up designory you will learn the techniques that will allow you to create different styles with the utmost care and attention, step by step, starting with knowing how to recognise the type of hair, dry it, straighten it, curl it, braid it in different styles, gather it, style it for brides and for fashion, harmonising it with make up. 

Job opportunities: 

With theory and intensive practice, the course will enable you to combine fantastic hairstyles with make-up to create the perfect style in every situation. 

The aim is to lead the student to become a complete professional by knowing how to combine make-up and hair techniques in order to increase the demand and possibility of the same on the job market.


Introduction to the business: 

The 5-day course includes a first day introduction to the fashion business, shoots with practical guidance on how this coveted world works as well as tips on how to behave on work platforms and how to professionally and effectively manage your accounts. 

Photo shooting: 

3 days of photo shoots in which students work with a full team of fashion professionals: instructor with established experience in the fashion business, fashion photographer, stylist, agency models for each student, art director. 

With two changes of look/model per day, total look make-up and hair, styling you are put to the test and in real working conditions. 

Professional book: 

The photographs taken will be the photos that will make up the students' professional book and will be accompanied by an editorial line made by our community manager with the hashtags and tags of reference in order to be able to immediately define the management of the professional instagram profile and be professional and visible to the market. 

On the last day there will be a viewing and analysis of the shots taken with the instructor and photographer. 

Job opportunities: 

By creating your own photo book you will have the doors open to all areas of make-up so that you can show your skills and access selections for high-level work for which a portfolio is often required.

Included in the course price is the MUD Professional Product Kit 

Duration: 105h of training 

Frequency options: Full-time formula over 15 days with attendance from Monday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Sunday formula available only for the Hairstyle module, 10 weeks with attendance only on Sundays from 10.30 a.m. to 6.30 p.m. 

Course available in: Italian and English

Punti chiave


  • checkmarkHair texture
  • checkmarkUpkeep of professional materials
  • checkmarkDifferent types of hairstyling
  • checkmarkCombing and backcombing
  • checkmarkSelf-heating curlers
  • checkmarkDifferent types of braids
  • checkmarkFrench Twist
  • checkmarkBridal hairstyle
  • checkmarkTrendy hairstyles

Portfolio development

  • checkmarkBuilding your business
  • checkmarkWebsite & Social media
  • checkmarkCreating a look
  • checkmarkOrganizing and performing a photo shoot
  • checkmarkFashion moodboard

Helpful information

105h of training 

Full-time formula: 
15 days with attendance from Monday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. 

Saturday or Sunday formula: 
10 weeks frequency only on Saturdays or Sundays from 10.30 a.m. to 6.30 p.m. 

Course available in: Italian and English

Price: 3800 € (VAT INCLUDED) 

By means of an on-site deferment system (no need for income documents), swiping your debit card on the pos and deferring up to 2000€ in 12 instalments, in which case there is a fee that will vary according to the number of instalments and amount. 

Payments can be made from 6 to 36 months with Sella Personal Credit. 

Up to 12 months the interest is 0%, MUD pays it for you! 

Example of 0% financing: 12 monthly instalments of € 316.66 each

70h of Hairstyle 
35h of Portfolio Development 
Kit of a professional product for each module 
Final exam for each module 
Professional photographs for own use 
International MUD certificate

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Indubbiamente, è stata una delle esperienze più importanti che abbia fatto, sia a livello di preparazione a questo tipo di lavoro - e di questo ringrazio infinitamente Sabina che ha saputo insegnare persino ad una persona completamente priva di basi come procedere e migliorare a livello tale da diventare una MUA, ma anche dal punto di vista umano.  
Spero di poter tornare presto a studiare il livello successivo.

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